With a killer bod to die for, Mr. Roboto Bronzo lands on Planet Earth with a whizz, a bang, and a blinding light!

Descending from a family of warriors of the Planet Fuku, the overly-muscular Mr. Roboto Bronzo is equipped with an armour-shield body, that is bullet proof, cosmic proof and most importantly, highly pleasing to the ladies’ eyes. Powered by steam from the condensation of water of Planet Earth’s, and helium gas from his birth planet, Mr. Roboto Bronzo is a magnificent sight to behold.

As defender of the Tin Robot movement, he was summoned by Mr. Roboto R1 to prepare for the Armageddon between AI robots and the tin robots. Boasting the best of technologies from Planet Fuku, Mr. Roboto Bronzo’s state-of-the-art advanced analogue electronics acts as the main communication model for the united tin robot community.

As the tin robots prepare for battle, this commandeering leader stands tall at the forefront of the infantry line. He is righteous, fearless, and lethal. Powered with extra horsepower, Mr. Roboto Bronzo is ever ready to trek through the roughest of terrains, and harshest of environment. With his acute killer instincts and the intense firepower from his eyes, mouth and hands, the AI robots are in for a tough battle.

Defeat is never an option. 


  • CuSn8 bronze Case
  • 43 mm (W) x 50 mm (L)
  • GMT function, hours register, retrograde minutes, seconds
  • ETA automatic winding
  • 24 mm vintage calf strap
  • Water Resistance
  • 3 ATM

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