6° Reed Diffuser - Numerical Collection (150ml)

$68 SGD

The number 6 is considered the perfect number, symbolizing the last day of creation of the world

A fresh aromatic herbaceous scent rapidly enveloping the soul in depth, followed by waves of spicy woody scent which appears lasting and transparent, purifying the soul

Recommended for living room and bathroom in spring and summer

Aromatic and Spicy Woody

Mandarin Orange • Cardamom • Acacia Wood

TOP: Mandarin Orange, Mango, Tea

BODY: Blackpepper, Ginger, Cardamom

BASE: Benzoin, Acacia Wood


  1.  The term used to describe the strength of fragrance is called "scent throw." The number of reed sticks will affect the scent throw. Add more reed sticks to increase scent throw.
  2.  Flip over the reed sticks occasionally to ensure an even distribution of scent.
  3.  Each bottle of reed diffuser will add a graceful scented backdrop to any space for approximately 8 - 12 weeks.
  4.  If you find that the scent becomes weak after prolonged usage, your reed sticks may be clogged or it could be that you are used to a certain type of scent. Change your reed sticks regularly and rotate across a few scents over the year to enhance the scent experience.


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