Bormiolì Rocco

Premium N.3 Wine Glass (Set of 4)

$55 SGD

Premium is the timeless and complete collection created with the exclusive collaboration of AIS, the Sommelier Italian Association, following the golden rule of “A glass for each wine”. The finest AIS experts designed the line, associating a specific shape and design to each type of wine and distilled beverage. The line's “profile of excellence” is enhanced by use of innovative Star Glass, the perfect clarity and neutral colour of which favour excellent visual perception of wine. The stem of the glass, produced in one piece with the cup, is obtained through a particular hot pulling process of the stem.

Bormioli Rocco pulled stemware is absolutely functional even for everyday use. A very uniform and linear rim is achieved by using a laser beam (rim cutting). This technology improves the quality of the products and are specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals and high-quality of wine tasting.


Set of four glasses

Volume 26cl x 4 


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