Bruno Paillard

NEC Plus Ultra, 1999 [With Gift Box]

$310 SGD

Bruno Paillard, NEC Plus Ultra, 1999

Comes with a gift box

The tasting of such a wine can be a truly great moment. The bottle should be slightly refreshed, at around 10°C, certainly not ice–chilled. The wine can be enjoyed on its own, or with food (excluding desserts). This N.P.U – Nec Plus Ultra 1999 required more than 13 years of dedication to reach an outstanding result: it deserves some time to open in the glass, and express its potential. First admire the beauty of its bright deep gold colour and tiny bubbles. Close your eyes and listen to its little music. Then smell its multiple and complex aromas which slowly show through. Only after this moment, taste a little drop and let time stand still.

Country of Origin / Region
Champagne, France

Main Grape Varietal
Pinot Noir, Chardonnay


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