Emmanuel Dron

Collecting Scotch Whisky

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Collecting Scotch Whisky is the most complete book ever published about old and rare Scotch Whisky.  

This book is dedicated to collectors, beginners,  connoisseurs and merchants. It classifies over 2,500 rare bottles by independent bottlers and official bottlings, with complete series and bottles dating.

Collecting Scotch Whisky also studies the problem of fake bottles with many analyses. It explains how to date an old bottle and reveals never published information on glass codes, Italian and US taxes, types of closures, carbon 14 test, etc. 

Emmanuel also interviewed legendary bottlers such as Silvano Samaroli, Pepi Mongiardino, and collectors from around the world with beautiful pictures of their private collections.

About the Author: 

Emmanuel Dron is French. He is the co-owner of The Auld Alliance in Singapore.

He has been working in the whisky industry since 1997 and have traveled many times to Scotland, Ireland, Japan, and USA to visit distilleries, whisky bars and meet whisky collectors.

 In 2000, He co-wrote Whisky, a book published by Flammarion. 

In 2018, He self-published and produced a very personal project, a 884 pages book: Collecting Scotch Whisky, An Illustrated Encyclopedia._

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