Doers of London


$36 SGD

Don’t get caught in the way other conditioners weigh your hair down, Doers Conditioner helps your hair glow whilst being light as a feather.

The perfect partner to Doers of London Shampoo, sometimes things aren’t better off alone.

 Direction for use:

  • Wet your hair and lather the conditioner in. Rinse well.

 Key Ingredients:

   Organic Argan Oil

Rich in vitamins A, C, E; antioxidants that nourish the hair, and linoleic acid that softens hair and restores shine.

   Organic Aloe Vera

Contains essential amino acids, copper and zinc, that enrich the hair, while balancing sebum production.

   Organic Oat Bran Extract

Rich in beta-glucan that supports moisture retention and protects the hair from environmental damage.

   Copaifera Officinalis Oleoresin

Helps to calm and balance the scalp, and keep irritation at bay.

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