Trad Y Sel


$8 SGD

For cooking, Guérande salt is the most appreciated by cooks and great chefs in France and abroad. It can be used with a wide variety of dishes and preparations.

A cooking salt can be dissolved for cooking food, vegetables, fish, pasta or rice; for this we use coarse salt or grey sea salt. To obtain a heterogeneous salting in small drops of water or grains which melt on your tongue, this salt must readily melt, which is the case with TRAD Y SEL coarse salt.

Coarse grey salt is also extremely suitable for an unusual cooking method: cooking in a salt crust. This consists of enclosing fish, poultry or vegetables in a mixture made of damp coarse salt, egg whites and sometimes herbs. Cooking is on a medium heat in the oven, for at least one hour, to give an unparalleled moistness and concentration of flavours. TRAD Y SEL grey sea salt (link to product) is recommended for this type of cooking.

Table salt must include these two characteristics to excite the flavours of food on the tongue. Taste comes via the taste buds, but if you eat a salt which does not melt, or is hard, it won't have a taste effect. TRAD Y SEL fine salt is suitable for this use.

Finally, when you want to taste the texture and softness of sea salt melting delicately in your mouth, it is true TRAD Y SEL flower of salt, which will sublime your cooking.

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