The Stock Merchant

Gut Health Beef Bone Broth

$30 SGD
Extracted over a 24 hour period, these bone broths are rich in health-boosting gelatin, amino acids and minerals. The per-pack a mino acid concentration surpasses many amino acid supplements and is more than triple that of other bone broths.

As with all The Stock Merchant bone broth products, there are no filler vegetables used - just water, grass fed, free range chicken or beef bones and apple cider vinegar. This range is perfect for consumers who want the best possible bone broth solution for improving their gut health.

3 times as concentrated as other bone broths on the market. Regarded as medicine for people with gut health issues. 4 servings per pack, great value proposition considering concentration. Rich and pure with health-boosting properties.

Ingredients: Water, grass fed free range beef and beef bones, apple cider vinegar, rosemary extract (natural antioxidant).

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