"Heart of Japan" Box Set

Hakkaisan Daiginjo & Kubota Junmai Daiginjo

$330 SGD

Special set consist of 1 bottle of Hakkaisan Daiginjo and 1 bottle of Kubota Junmai Daiginjo.


Kubota, newest limited brew version. Spec and quality similar to [Manju]. Very rich in aroma and fruity taste. One of the best Kubota sake.

Prefecture: Niigata

Brewer: Asahi-Shuzo

Polishing Rate: 50%

Grade: Junmai Daiginjo

SMV: ±0


For this Daiginjo, Yamadanishiki and Gohyakumangoku sake rice are carefully selected and polished down to 45% remaining. All the koji is handmade and this sake is brewed with an especially pure snowmelt mountain stream water, which is known as Raiden-sama no Mizu or water of the god Raiden.

This refine sake meant to pair with food and it has a mellow, clean taste, and an elegant, gentle sweetness, which will enhance the flavor of any cuisine.

Rice: Yamadanishiki, Gohyakumangoku

Polishing Rate: 45%

SMV: +5

Acidity: 1.2

Alcohol: 15.5%



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