Junmai Daiginjo Kiku no Shizuku


Nadagiku Sake Brewery was founded in 1910. The company's name comes from the combination of the word "Nada" in "Harima-Nada", the name of the sea Himeiji faces, and "Kiku", the national flower of Japan. The brewery is located near the Himeiji White Castle, one of the most visited tourist landmarks in Japan. It was designated a world heritage site in 1993.

A quintessential Junmai Daiginjo; distinctly aromatic with fresh fruits such as melon and pears and soft ground water. Smoothly textured, with considerable depth and width on the palate.

Nadagiku Shuzo [Hyogo] Est. 1910 ,Female Toji Misa Kawaishi helms this microbrewery at the foot of the Himeiji Castle

Grade: Junmai Daiginjo

Rice: Yamadanishiki

Polish: 40%

SMV: +1

ABV: 15%


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