KronoKeeper Safe

$4,000 SGD

KronoKeeper Safes: Burglary protection for your valuables, suitable for storage of valuables such as jewelry, watches & other expensive items.  



The whole range has been certified by ECB•S in accordance with the EN 14450 standard for burglary protection level S2.

30P Fire Protection

The whole range has been certified by ECB•S in accordance with European Standard EN 15659 to provide 30-minute protection for documents in the event of a fire.


The electronic lock can be programmed by the user with a six-digit personal code which is memorised by the lock and used each time the safe is opened. Simply rotating the keypad secures the safe door when closing it. The battery used to power the electronic lock is located in the keypad itself and can be easily changed should the existing battery run down whilst the safe is closed.


There are 41 colors of full grain premium leather available for the exterior cover.

Interior Design

Each model is lined with a real suede, which comes in 27 different colors. Both small & large drawers were made with real leather in the front. The large drawer (35/50/90 L) can store 10 watches and accessories, while the small drawer 10 L is suitable for 8 watches and accessories. 


Both the walls and the door are constructed using an inner and outer layer of steel containing a specially formulated burglary and fire resistant material developed by Chubbsafes. This material provides class-leading performance with low weights enabling installation almost anywhere!

Other Options:

KronoKeeper Safe are available in 10L / 35L / 50L / 90L. 

KronoKeeper Safe are also available with watch winder options using SwissKubik (StarterBox / MasterBox).


To purchase, contact us at info@kevinseah.com.

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