KronoKeeper Stackable Watch Boxes

$220 SGD
Color: Black

Stackable storage racks by KronoKeeper offer a convenient and efficient solution to help organize your timepieces and accessories.

Check out our lightweight yet sturdy leather racks that can tackle storage needs anywhere you desire, and feature a stacking design so you can add more racks as your needs change. Racks to house Swiss Kubik Masterbox and Startbox watch winders are available too.

It is specially designed in 3 different widths: 240mm, 295mm, 360mm.

Please ensure that you select racks of the same width size only for stacking purposes.

Or feel free to purchase the racks individually and work it the way you want it to be.

Rack for cufflinks and accessories:

- 4 cufflinks: 240 mm x 120 mm x 55 mm

- 8 cufflinks: 360 mm x 120 mm x 55 mm

- 9 cufflinks: 295 mm x 200 mm x 55 mm

Rack for Swiss Kubik:

- 2 Swiss Kubiks: 240 mm x 120 mm x 155 mm

- 3 Swiss Kubiks: 360 mm x 120 mm x 155 mm

Rack for 4 flat watches:  

- only available in 295 mm x 200 mm x 55 mm

Watch box with cover (h: 185 mm) / without cover (h: 180 mm):

- 4 watches: 240 mm x 120 mm

- 6 watches: 360 mm x 120 mm

- 10 watches: 295 mm x 200 mm

The weight is approximately 1kg per piece.

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