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Oud Discovery II | A Collection of Specialist Oud Incenses

$200 SGD

Oud (also known as Agarwood or Aloeswood) is a distinctive woody/sweet aroma and one of the most prized woods in incense aromatics. This bundle is perfect for discovering a range of agarwood incenses from different incense artisans at a discounted price. All three scents in this bundle are based on unique blends of agarwood, spices and aromatics. Oud Discovery bundle includes:

1. Swallows in Flight by Les Encens du Monde

Swallows in Flight is one of the finest in the Karin range. The powerful richness and depth of agarwood make this incense a sensuous experience.

'This really is one of Les Encens Du Monde's masterworks of incense. A rich, sophisticated, sweet blend of agarwood and aromatics. The result is a caramel-like aroma that rides a rich background of agarwood. Perfect for special occasions and daily use.'

A blend of agarwood, florals and spices
100% natural ingredients, no synthetic oils or fragrances
Very low smoke
Made in Awaji, Japan
40 sticks per box, 14cm in length
Free ceramic incense holder included
Approx burn time: 30 mins per stick

2. Aloeswood (Oedo-koh) by Nippon Kodo

Aloeswood is a rich and deep aroma. These incense sticks from Nippon Kodo greatly capture the distinctive scent of pure aloeswood. Delicate and luxrious.

60 sticks are packed into a beautiful Paulownia wood box with decorative Japanese art packaging and a complimentary incense holder. Incense from this range is perfect for daily use and special occasions.

Pure Aloeswood scent
40 sticks with incense holder
Made in Japan
Low smoke
Paulownia wood box
Superior quality incense
Approx. burn time: 12 mins per stick

3. Sawayaka Kobunboku by Baieido

This incense is made from the traditional Kobunboku formula with more of the high quality spices and a little less sandalwood. This particular combination of aloeswood, sandalwood, clove, cinnamon, borneol and other natural herbs puts much greater emphasis on the clove and cinnamon aromas.

'A great traditional Japanese incense for lovers of cinnamon and woody scents. The aroma is distinct and the sweet notes of cinnamon and clove come through, riding on a smooth sandalwood base.'

A blend of Aloeswood, sandalwood, borneol, clove, cinnamon, and other medicinal herbs
100% natural ingredients, no synthetic oils or fragrances
Made in Japan
80 sticks per box, 13cm in legnth
Approx burn time: 30 mins per stick


Kindly allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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