Over an Islay Rainbow 2019

$487 SGD


Bottled in Scotland in July 2018

Just n. 260 bottles in 70 cl. size

Alc. 45% Vol.

"Second Edition of the full grade bottling’s little brother. Less austere in manner, it displays a mixture of diffidence and curiosity, like a child who’s had an intuition or just made a discovery. The blending of different malts allows a whisky’s body to be supported by a number of columns and, consequently, to alternate aromas in a way that may seem erratic, but has the brushstrokes of an artist in the grip of creative inspiration: they can be delicate and captivating or nervous and irascible. It opens up a world of scents and aromas to us. An olfactory rainbow.   Dried flowers, old wardrobes and memories of childhood. I must say, I detect worldly aromas that are very intense and not at all commonplace. Smoked, or rather, burnt notes…yes, that’s it… the embers of a summer bonfire when you’re so deep in conversation with friends that you forget to mind the fire. On the palate it unfolds like a dream, letting you savour it fully and appreciate what it has to say. Yes, there is another Islay… which had been hidden from us until now. The fog clears, our doubts finally vanishing along with it… Land appears from the fading mist. Our eyes look heavenwards, thanking divine providence, and then look to the stars, simply to gaze at them." - Samaroli


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