Over the World 2017 Ed.


Blended Rums. Bottled in Scotland in July 2017

Just 216 bottles in 70 cl. size – Alc. 45% Vol.

Distilled in Column & Pot Still. A journey from Panama to Guyana and Fiji, passing by Brazil. Initially, all distillates were matured in their particular countries of production before they were shipped, blended and finished in Scottish warehouse.

"Like a waterfall, the nose brings a rush of diverse scents and aromas: marjoram, myrtle, mint and nutmeg lead the procession. Followed by tones of chocolate, butter, sourdough and a toasted note that kindles the imagination. We could say it’s a “noisy”, yet soft bouquet. The mouth-feel is round, long and deep at the same time. The palate is subjected to a stream of different sensations. Our taste buds are constantly, incessantly stimulated, just like the great prairies are shaken by herds of buffalo charging together, headed West. Brush strokes of confectioner’s custard, peanut butter and hazelnut. On the palate…the tones detected on the nose amplify and, in some cases, the sweetest sensations above all are so strong that it’s like stepping inside an old Viennese patisserie shop." - Samaroli

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All alcohol sales are limited to Singapore only. 

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