Ali Nael



The Dream Collection by Ali Nael

Over 120 Patek Philippe vintage watches are presented in the book from the year 1858 to 1995. Starting with early pocket watches and ending with complicated wrist watches. 

The book presents rare and detailed information on each reference and the watches themselves.It catalogs Patek Philippe historical journey and evolution, a museum quality presentation.

It highlights Rare Patek Philippe Pocket watches and wristwatches, the Patek Philippe Collector’s Books is available now in limited edition. You can browse through our book and gather Patek Philippe archive information, production numbers, rarity, and technical details

The History of Patek Philippe is amazing, this book is a must have in any Collector's Library.

When you choose this Patek Philippe Detailed Catalog book, you will see quality in the making. Patek Philippe Literature and archive.

Published: April 2021

500 copies

Delivery and Returns

This book weighs approximately 2kg as such a shipping charge (DHL) of S$100 will be added for all international orders. 

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