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On monastic origin, Pont l'Eveque is a soft cheese and washed rind , or brushed, moved slightly flower during refining. From the town of Pont l'Evêque, it's golden yellow to orange rind shelters a supple paste with aromas of cream and barn. It acquired its square shape in the 17th century in order to differentiate itself from other cheeses from the Pays d'Auge , whose common ancestor is the Angelot. 

This cow's milk cheese pairs perfectly with red wine , to be consumed in moderation of course. The large wheel of this Norman cheese, originally from the land of Auge, measures 190 to 210 mm side, on the other hand for the small Pont l'Evêque it is 85 to 95 mm side. It has had its protected designation of origin AOP since 1996.

Washed Rind Cheese

Milk : Cow

Area : Normandy

Weight : +/-400g

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