Sponteneous Fermentation Junmai Daiginjo "Jewel Dragon" (Yamahai)

$95 SGD

The only daiginjo class sake in the spontaneous fermentation series. With an understated take on the generally floral, fruity daiginjo style, this is an exceptionally versatile food sake. Paired with formal kaiseki cuisine for example,it shows a chameleon-like capacity to complement each course.

Extra depth and complexity lent by the traditional yamahai brewing style means it drinks superbly warm - rare for a junmai daiginjo, but fitting for a fire-breathing dragon. Original label artwork by eminent artist Sakane Katsusuke.

Alcohol Percentage : 16 - 16.9%

Volume : 720ml

Polishing Rate : 50%

Rice : Yamadanishiki

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