Sponteneous Fermentation Junmaishu (Yamahai), 3U Version

$78 SGD

Brewing science textbooks say that sake yeast begins to weaken and die when the level of alcohol passes eighteen percent. However, the spontaneous fermentation range we make without using pure yeast cultures ferments to more than twenty percent alcohol every year. Every season, we allow our house yeast its chance to push the envelope by fermenting to its limits for this product. Spicy, fiery and rich, and not for the lily-livered or faint-hearted.

Alcohol Percentage : 20% and up

Volume : 720ml

Polishing Rate : 66%

Rice : Kitanishiki

All purchases must be made by persons aged 18 and above. 

All deliveries must be received by persons aged 18 and above.

We reserve the right to request a valid photo ID to verify the recipient’s age.

All alcohol sales are limited to Singapore only.

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