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Timiz Pepper - 35g

$14.50 SGD
Part of the Piper capense botanical species, this endemic pepper grows in the wild in the forests of the South Western Ethiopian highlands, at altitudes of more than 2000m.

The Manjo endogamous caste, renowned for their knowledge of the wild, were the only ones to pick this pepper and use it in their pharmacopoeia as early as the 14th century.

They were the only ones to know where to find the plants and which was the right variety. This knowledge is still handed down among the Manjo today.

After the annual harvest, this long peppercorn is traditionally dried on the hearth of local tukul homes, built out of eucalyptus wood and bamboo and enset fibres. This is what gives it its characteristic smoky smell.

Its intense aromas of Havana tobacco, resin and roast herbs will enchant chicken liver terrines, sweetbreads, lobster tails with a citrus sauce and bitter chocolate desserts.

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