Tsuru Ume


$65 SGD

The ‘Tsuru-ume’ range was created to reflect the quality of the many local products available in Wakayama. Working directly with famers of products Wakayama is known for—Ume and Yuzu—allows Heiwa Shuzo to secure some of the finest fruit in the country. Wakayama’s Ume production accounts for 40% of all Ume grown in Japan and is considered the finest Ume fruit source in Japan. Citrus fruit such as lemon, yuzu and mikan are also grown locally and used to make products in the ‘Tsuru-ume’ range.

The Tsuru Ume Yuzushu is made with the yuzu citrus Wakayama is famous for. The whole fruit is used in the process with the finished product fortified with Kid Sake that is also made in the brewery.

Region: Wakayama Prefecture

Grade: Yuzu

Alcohol:  7%

Size: 720ml

All purchases must be made by persons aged 18 and above. 

All deliveries must be received by persons aged 18 and above.

We reserve the right to request a valid photo ID to verify the recipient’s age.

All alcohol sales are limited to Singapore only. 

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