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Turkish Coffee Espresso Copper Cup Set

$500 SGD

100% Pure Hammered Copper with brass handle.

Makes great gifts for Espresso, Turkish-Greek-Arabic coffee lovers. (Velvet gift box included)

Since it is not a fabrication product and is produced by hand, small differences can be seen in each product.

Only porcelain inserts are machine washable.

11 Piece Engraved Hand Stamped Copper Turkish Coffee Set:

2x Porcelain Cup,
2x Hand Stamped Copper Cup Holder,
2x Hand Stamped Copper Saucer,
2x Hand Stamped Copper Cup Lid,
1x Hand Stamped Copper Sugar Delight Serving Bowl ,
1x Hand Stamped Copper Lid of the Bowl,
1x Copper Serving Tray

Kindly allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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