Tahiti Vanille


$25 SGD
Tahitian vanilla is a unique variety that is found only in French Polynesia in the Society Islands. Tahitian vanilla therefore has unique aromatic components which impart a subtle flavor, powerful and heady with floral volatile notes, buttery with infinite delicacy.
For Tahitian vanilla preparation is completely different from the Bourbon vanilla,
because it must be harvested immature because of dehiscence of the fruit (pod splits into two at 7 months of growth). In contrast Tahitian vanilla is indehiscent (do not split)
It is the only in the world to have this feature so it is harvested at full maturity in 10 months.
Hence the pod which remained 3 months more on its vine, a clove of bourbon vanilla, is full of aromas.

Our Premier "Grand Cru Tahaa®" Vanillas gradually release a fruity, smooth aromatic bouquet featuring sublime and delicate floral notes. Let your senses soar !

Our vanilla beans are NOT from OGM plantations.

 Suggested uses: Open the bean lengthwise with the tip of knife, scrape out the tiny black seeds and mix them into your dish. The bean itself can be cooked but open it lengthwise before. Its aroma and flavor make vanilla a perfect addition to any savory dish (particularly fish and seafood) and truly delicious on fresh fruit in salads, preserves or coulis, etc...

How to keep : You can leave them in their freshness zip bag or in an air-tight jar, in a cool and dry place

Shelf life 2 years 

Sachet of 2 vanilla beans

Net Weight : 8/14 grs

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