Tahiti Vanille


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Tahitian vanilla is a unique variety that is found only in French Polynesia in the Society Islands. Tahitian vanilla therefore has unique aromatic components which impart a subtle flavor, powerful and heady with floral volatile notes, buttery with infinite delicacy.
For Tahitian vanilla preparation is completely different from the Bourbon vanilla,
because it must be harvested immature because of dehiscence of the fruit (pod splits into two at 7 months of growth). In contrast Tahitian vanilla is indehiscent (do not split)
It is the only in the world to have this feature so it is harvested at full maturity in 10 months.
Hence the pod which remained 3 months more on its vine, a clove of bourbon vanilla, is full of aromas.

Tahiti vanilla powder jar  

About 6 kilos of mature beans must be harvested to produce one kilo of pure fine vanilla powder.

Our Plantation Natural Vanillas are carefully combined to obtain a product with exceptional flavor.

The flavor palette wonderfully recreates the sublime creamy, flowery and chocolate notes typical of Tahitian vanilla.

Suggested uses: can be used as a substitute for vanilla beans, also used in cooking for preparing savory dishes (foie gras, fish, duck) as well as in pastries.

Ingredients: 100% Tahitian vanilla powder, free from preservatives, artificial color or flavor.

Thinness of 300 microns

 Shelflife  3 years

 Recommended dosage: 1 teaspoon per liter or kg 

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