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Vintage brass telescope

$2,800 SGD

A sturdy telescopic sight mounted upon a turntable and adjustable base. The base and the telescope arm are both fitted with 360 degree protractors for measuring angles in two perpendicular planes.

There are spirit levels on the telescope and base, as well as a small compass to help orientate the instrument.

The telescope is 20 cm long, with a 3.5 cm diameter objective lens. The optics work well, with focus achieved using a brass knob.

The base and mounting arm stands 25 cm tall in total, with 3 adjustable feet connecting them to a tripod attachment point. The brass turntable is 19 cm in diameter.

Brass theodolite with the inscription “ANTHON LONDON 007” on the telescope.

Circa 1940s.

Kindly allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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