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Vintage Gabon Punu Mask

$900 SGD

This Old Punu Mask are from the equatorial people settled in the southwest of Gabon.

Organized into villages, clans and lineages, with neither a centralized power structure nor a strict political hierarchy, the Punu group has a culture based on the cult of ancestors, a general respect for the deceased, and a fear of the spirits of the wilderness.

Punu masks have realistic, mostly white kaolin faces with protruding pursed lips, high-domed foreheads, and characteristic rigid high coiffures reflecting the Punu women's hair styles. Many Punu masks can be recognized by raised diamond-shape scarification marks on the foreheads and temples. The scarification marks on the temples are thought to be associated either with a female ancestor, or with a southern sub-group of the Punu tribe.

A dancer on tall stilts performing a ceremony would wear such a mask tilted forward on his head. He would also wear costume of skins as well as raffia cloth and carry a whip of dried grass in each hand.


  • 10.5 Inches Tall 
  • 12 Inches Wide
  • 12 Inches Deep

Stand included.


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