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Vintage Snake japanese lucky charm

$200 SGD

This hand carved snake, curled around a lucky houju, was carved in Nara Ittobori style around 40 years ago. Nara Ittobori is usually painted decoratively with much detail but this piece is simple and unadorned, focusing attention on it’s natural camphor wood which has developed a deep, rich color over the years. Only the snake has been painted white and three colorful stripes around the top of the houju ball add a tasteful accent.

On the back of the piece the artist has carved his signature, (Higashi Hayashi). The wooden figure is in good vintage condition with some discoloration and comes in it’s own storage box. On the front, in large kanji, ”hebi” (snake) and in smaller characters “ittobori” has been written.

The snake is one of the twelve animals of the Japanese zodiac. This piece was carved for display and to bring good luck in the Year of the Snake.
- box measures 14 cm (5.5”) x 12 cm (4.75”) x 13 cm (5.25”) deep.
- snake measures 12 cm (4.75”) x 10 cm (4”).
- weighs 416 gm.

Circa 1980s.

Kindly allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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