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White Sarawak Pepper - 70g

$13 SGD
White Sarawak pepper is grown in the North of Borneo in the Malaysian part of the island (Province of Sarawak). The pepper plants grow in the heart of the rainforests where the famous Borneo orangutangs live. Sarawak pepper has been awarded Protected Geographic Indication status (PGI). The pepper is harvested from April through until September with the peak in May and June.

Mr.Bajot, Honorary Marine Commissioner, wrote in 1825 in the  "Colonial and Marine Reports" that the Chinese introduced pepper cultivation to the island at the end of the 18th century. Trading between Borneo and China, via the port of Amoy was extensive at the time. The Chinese imported pepper, camphor, tortoise shells, cloves, fine woods, etc. Mr.Bajot also wrote: "The English were accustomed to bringing small sized good quality textiles to Borneo: in exchange for pepper and gold powder".

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