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Yaka Tribe Initiation Ceremonial Mask

$1,300 SGD

 Materials: Cloth, Thread, Paint

  • Height: 34 inches
  • Width: 11 inches

This is a beautiful and Old Yaka Initiation Mask from Democratic Republic of Congo. This stunning mask styled is put together with a complex construction of painted wood, fiber and woven raffia and cloth. These are still made and used for Yaka initiations. Yaka masks used within n-Khanda initiation belong to four structural types;

(1) those that are constructed of various materials attached to a netted head cover;

(2) those built on a splint frame attached to a paddle-like wooden face;

(3) those masks carved a single cylinder of wood into the form of a helmet; and

(4) those carved in wood into an oversized facial form.

The Yaka divide them accordingly to function, those that terrorize rather than dance and masks that are used to entertain the coming out festivities. This is a an amazing mask in detail and style, and would be a wonderful addition to your home and collection.


34" tall x 11" wide x 10" deep x 37" around the top


*This item ships from America. 

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