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Yina Yam Harvest Mask

$1,300 SGD

 Materials: Wood, Paint

  • Height: 24 inches
  • Width: 6 inches
  • Depth: 5 inches

This is a superb Old Carved and Red and Black Painted Wood Yina Mask from the Kaskuk Area, Upper Sepik, Papua New Guinea. A Yina is a always very expressive. The Yina is one of three distinct ceremonies held annually in the villages people of the upper Sepik River. These ceremonies are associated with the harvesting of yams. Yina is the first of the yam harvest ceremonies. Though strong symbols of maleness permeate the sculptural form, the Yina can be designated either male or female. Yina represent spirits known as sikilawos, which have great power and are responsible for the continuing fertility of the yam gardens. Older Yina's are hidden in garden huts, away from the village. They have acquired power over time and through use. New carvings are required from time to time; power is not inherent, but develops in the process of carving and painting. This is a rare and old Yina mask and would be a wonderful addition to your collection or home.

MID 20th Century


This mask shows age, wood is distressed, but in good condition.

Old and Rare mask

*This item ships from America. 

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