Yokoyama Goju

Goju White


Omoya Shuzo is the lone sake brewery on Iki Island in the Nagasaki Prefecture. It was founded with the intent to recreate the lost sake of the island. Yamada-nishiki rice is grown on the island for the sole purpose of brewing a sake that required eight years of careful sourcing for water of the highest quality.

With a sweetness akin to biting into a fresh muscat grape, this elegant Yokoyama Goju White rounds itself out with a nice and gentle creaminess. It has some fresh citrus notes and is a noteworthy sake to enjoy on it's own. This sake is fresh and unpasteurised. 

Region: Nagasaki Prefecture

Grade: Junmai Daiginjo

Kake-Rice: Yamadanishiki, 50% polishing

Koji-Rice: Yamadanishiki, 50% polishing

Alcohol: 16%

Size: 720ml

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All alcohol sales are limited to Singapore only. 

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