AP Limited Editions


$16,000 SGD

Ume Blossoms of Japan

Maki-e Lacquer Art

Size: 145mm

Nib: Gold: EF/F/M/B

Converter Filler

The Plum (Ume) Blossoms herald the arrival of Spring with the beautiful Plum trees decked with delicate flowers that emit the most delightful fragrance. Plum trees hold a special significance in Japanese culture. The arrival of the plum blossoms is celebrated across the country in special festivals hosted in public parks, shrines and temples.

Crafted in the wondrous technique of Maki-e Lacquer Art and the meticulous technique of inlay of Pink Pearl and White Mother of Pearl, the blossoming Ume sparkles with the radiance of Spring against a striking Red and Black Urushi backdrop sprinkled with Gold; inviting you rejoice and rejuvenate.

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