Bespoke Tailoring

Our bespoke service is the epitome of haute couture for men. We let you imagine and create a suit that is unique and exclusive to you.

A pattern is created from scratch based on your design and specifications, meticulously cut for your shape. Each pattern is designed exclusively for your unique body. A minimum of 70 hours of handwork and thousands of hand stitching are required for our hand made jackets.

We also provide bespoke commissions on buttons, linings and cloth made exclusively by the best companies in the world.

The possibilities are large and we will gladly guide you to create pieces for any occasions. 

During the appointment, we will seek through our intensive range of fabrics, sourced and finely curated from, amongst others, premier English and Italian mills. We will counsel your thoughts and design your ideas together. All of KEVIN SEAH garments undergo extensive quality checks before it is delivered to you. Your patterns are then kept in our records to simplify future intentions.

Bespoke Price List 
Jackets: Starting from S$5,800
Trousers: Starting from S$1,000
Shirts: Starting from S$650 
*Prices quoted are before GST charges

Production lead time:
Suits: 12 -14 weeks (2 to 3 fittings) 
Shirts / Trousers: 4 - 8 weeks (2 fittings) 
*Minimum order of 3 shirts for first time customer

Made to Measure Tailoring 

Our made to measure tailoring service also entails a very high level of craftmanship and aesthetical curation. You will still be able to customize your garments, with an extensive range of options offered by KEVIN SEAH.
While the process may differ from bespoke, the team will ensure that each garment made by us are customized and fitted accordingly to your body measurements through multiple fittings.

Made to Measure Price List 
Jackets: Starting from S$3,600
Trousers: Starting from S$600 / $700 
Shirts: Starting from S$450
*Prices quoted are before GST charges 

Production lead time:
Suits: 10 -12 weeks (2 to 3 fittings) 
Shirts / Trousers: 4 - 6 weeks (2 fittings) 
*Minimum order of 3 shirts for first time customer

Our services are available for:

Coats • Tuxedos • Suits • Jackets • Overshirts • Trousers • Jeans • Chinos • Shorts • Shirts • T-Shirts • Ties • Pocket Squares • Belts • Shoes

For booking appointments, questions or prices regarding our services, please contact us.