Abraham Ling

Wabisabi Chawan / Tea Bowl

$250 SGD

It follows no rules or form. The imperfection conforms to nothing but beauty itself. Sometimes it is nice to just let the clay do its thing. No two pieces are the same. Hand pinched, raku clay and porcelain slip. Hand made ceramic will change colour over a long period of usage. Seasoned and tested for leakage, just give it a rinse and it is ready to use.

Thin slabs of clay are thrown onto the bowl and covered with porcelain slip. Due to this technique there are superficial crack lines on the slabs during firing due to contraction between the thrown slab and the bowl. Don’t worry, no leakage. Gas Fired Cone 10. 1300°C. Hikidashi Glaze & Shino Glaze.

Ceramic Care:
Hand wash
No soap or very mild soap if needed
Do not put in microwave oven or oven

H 86 X W 100 (mm)

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