Arlington Shaving Soap in Mahogany Bowl

$57 SGD

The Shaving Mahogany Bowl contains an Arlington shaving soap of the finest quality.  The soap is triple-milled to increase the richness and luxuriousness of the lather. This gentle soap is fragranced with Arlington, a classic blend of Citrus and Fern. Incredibly economical, each soap will last for several months. The bowl is a made of a sustainably sourced, mahogany effect sheesham wood. It provides a lovely, classical, old-fashioned bathroom feature.

To use, wet the beard with warm water then apply a wet shaving brush to the soap. Finally, lather up in a bowl, then directly on the face and apply to the facial hair.

The wooden bowls are treated to last for several years, taking on a character of their own.

Refill soap is available in Arlington, Windsor and Sandalwood range. Also available in Beech Wood Bowl.

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