Chie Bijn


$45 SGD

Nakano Shuzo is a family owned brewery in Oita Prefecture, Southwestern Japan. The name of their sake is a tribute to the family’s former matriarch whose beauty was known to many. The water used in the production of the 140 year-old brewery’s sake is sourced from 200m below the ground and is of the highest quality. The use of premium ingredients has contributed to the success of this line of sakes; Chie Bijin has been awarded the gold medal for excellence by Monde Selection for three years running.

This Chie Bijn Junmai is soft on the palate. It has notes of dryness and sweetness, and is both fruity and flowery. While its delicate balance of flavours appears subtle, it has an undeniable complexity that unfolds slowly, allowing the connoisseur to truly savour this drink.

Region: Ōita Prefecture

Grade: Junmai

Kake-Rice: Hitomebore, 70% polishing

Koji-Rice: Yamadanishiki, 65% polishing

Alcohol: 16%

SMV: +0

Size: 720ml

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