Fresco Tie (Dark Navy)

$229 SGD

Fresco means "fresh" or "cool" in Italian, and is a weave in which two warp threads and weft threads are twisted together, which is usually used for summer ties.

The characteristics of fresco ties, which can be said to be KUSKA's classic, are "three-dimensional" (weaving with air)", "glossy" (colour that changes depending on the viewing angle), "colour" (dyeing of silk itself), which simply expresses the goodness of hand weaving.

Dark navy that looks like black or navy depending on the light exposure. It is a timeless colour that goes well with the woven pattern.

Material: 100% silk
Size: Length 146 cm, width 8 cm
Production: Handmade in Kyoto, Tango

Award: "Kyoto Design Award", Tango Textile Appraisal Received "Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Manufacturing Industry Bureau Director's Award"

  • This product is shipped from Japan and will be delivered in 4 - 7 days. 

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