Ibaraki Tokumasamune

Ginjo Miyamanishiki

$85 SGD

Ibaraki Tokumasamune Ginjo Miyamanishiki  

徳正宗 - 吟醸美山錦 - Made with a new yeast that was developed in syncronization with Tokyo University of Agriculture.

Using yeast type No.9, this ginjyo is slightly less acidic and is well-balanced with a deep richness while maintaining a light and refreshing taste. A rich and bright sake that's easy to drink even for sake beginners.

ABV 15%

SMV -2

Polishing 50%

Rice: Miyamanishiki


Medium-Bodied Supple Flavor  

Pairing With Sashimi Sushi & Sukiyaki Or Shabu-Shabu

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