Ibaraki Tokumasamune

Junmai Dai Ginjyo Rei

$105 SGD

Tokumasamune Junmai Dai Ginjyo Rei

This is a new type of sake squeezed at the time of the sake brewer before the main preparation by polishing 50% of Yamada Nishiki to rice. Compared to the amount produced by this preparation, the sake brewer can only take 10%.

Cool and enjoy the exquisite balance of sweetness and sourness, like a slightly sweet white wine, and the umami of rice. The temperature is 12 degrees, slightly lower. 

ABV 12%

SMV +2

Rice : Koshihikari

Polishing 50%


Tasting Note : Medium-Bodied Balance Flavor Crisp Ending Taste 

Food Pairing : With grilled, deep-fried dishes, quality Izakaya dishes & sushi

Terms of Purchase and Delivery

All purchases must be made by persons aged 18 and above. 

All deliveries must be received by persons aged 18 and above.

We reserve the right to request a valid photo ID to verify the recipient’s age.

All alcohol sales are limited to Singapore only. 

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