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Ofuku and Hyottoko Chopstick rests

$128 SGD

This is a pair of chopstick rests of Ofuku and Hyotoko by Shosai, a Kiyomizu-yaki pottery company.

The price is for a pair of chopstick rests, one for each of Ohuku and Hyottoko.
Good fortune comes to those who laugh.

A pair of chopstick rests, one for Ofuku and one for Oofuku.
The twisted Hachimaki and nose haired Hyottoko is full of charm and is the perfect complement to the good fortune.

Each one is made from a mold, and the picture of Ofuku is hand-painted.
The cheeky face with its puffy cheeks is a perfect complement to Ofuku.

The shape, color, and size of each piece will vary because they are handmade.

    • Material: Clay
    • Size: Diameter 4.5cm x Width 4.2cm x Height 1cm
    • Origin: Kyoto, Japan
    • Handmade in Japan.
    • Dishwasher safe, microwave oven safe.


Kindly allow 10-12 days for delivery.

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