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2008 Samaroli - Caol Ila Edition 2020

$817 SGD


Bottled in Scotland in 2020

Cask N° 301632 Just 196 bottles in 70 cl. size

Alc. 49% Vol.

What is art? Any form of activity of man as proof or exaltation of his inventive talent and expressive ability. Any complex of techniques and methods relating to a construction or stand-alone practical application in the field of work and part of a profession or of a craft: the poetic art; military art; medical art; the art of a blacksmith; to get to an art, to exercise an art, to do a specific job; be of-the-art, expert, or authority, within the framework of a trade or a profession; proverb: learn art and put it aside, in life any experience or knowledge can always come in handy. So also make whiskey, malting, ageing, bottling can be considered art! What a beautiful art! Let’s enjoy a barrel that after 12 years with great strength and character reminds us of an Islay that is no longer there. The very high quality of aging gives us an elegant “peaty”: it expresses itself in silence without making noise, slips away passing through our nostrils and palate asking for forgiveness. Medicinal and iodine are the predominant scents that fit well into the whole aromatic structure that supports and accompanies it. Fragrant like toasted grains like the noise of hands caressing the ears on a summer afternoon. Tones of medicinal herbs, vanilla, leather in the background and licorice complete it and make it complex enough to let us fly with imagination. It was so good that we did not dare to add water and we deliver it full proof.

“The supreme touch of the artist is knowing when to stop”

Arthur Conan Doyle

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