AP Limited Editions

The Legendary Double Dragon

$37,150 SGD

The Legendary Double Dragon

Maki-e Lacquer Art

Size: 165 mm

Nib: 18K Gold: F/M/B

Eye Dropper

 This stunning new Maki-e feature showcases a most unusual color palette crafted through a very special Bokashi Nuri technique of mixing different coloredUrushi pigments with Gold sets the backdrop to depict the entire Universe. This fabulous writing instrument coveted two nominations for the Best Pen of the Year 2020 and the Best Urushi Arts Pen for 2020.

A majestic elderly Gold Dragon features on the cap section looking down at a dynamic, young, Blue Dragon that looks up on the Barrel section of this fine writing instrument. Both dragons are crafted in the raised Taka Maki-e technique. The concept and philosophy behind this creation speaks to the cycle of life lived through legends which are complete in themselves with a beginning and end contained in one. AP Limited Editions invites you to explore the rich heritage of the enigmatic Double Dragon.

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