How a tailor can make your dreams come true. Bespoke isn't ALL about suits, "Think different"

Hello friends. An interviewer recently asked me what the most interesting bespoke commission I’ve ever had was. It was a tough question to answer, because the fact is, every bespoke commission is interesting. They’re all different.

Even the most conservative bespoke suit is a unique work of art, offering infinite customisation options. Explore the space. ]

Even if it’s something more straightforward, like a navy or grey suit, or a wedding tuxedo, there are always quirky elements that reflect the client’s individual tastes, personality or lifestyle. Or cool ideas I’ve had, which the customer often becomes open to after their second or third whisky! Making one-off garments that express who the client really is… That’s among the greatest joys of being a bespoke tailor — and from the client’s perspective, it’s possibly the best thing about being a bespoke tailoring patron.
You can walk into a designer boutique and buy something that reflects a brand identity (and that probably won’t fit you so well). Or you can go to a bespoke tailor and collaborate on creating clothes that speak of who YOU are (which also happen to fit like a dream).
Within the basic bounds of a traditional suit and shirt, it’s possible to be endlessly creative. A velvet double-breasted smoking jacket lined with a vintage Hermes scarf… A sports coat in camouflage flannel… A shantung silk, mandarin-collar dinner suit… A blazer in vicuna! Can make. (And have made.)

But what the hell, man, bespoke isn’t just about suits. Get creative.

You wanna be the coolest dude on the golfcourse? How about some tailored check trousers with bad-ass pleats and a totally unique pique cotton polo shirt? Maybe a seersucker Harrington for the 19th hole. Or Loro Piana jeans and a matching denim jacket (the so-called ‘Texas Tux’) that fit you exquisitely? A Liberty-lined, linen safari jacket? A Cubano guayabera or a camp-collar Hawaiian shirt? Also can!

Challenge yourself, challenge us — we’re raring to go. One of our clients just commissioned some bespoke floral cargo pants, they’re going to look brilliant. One of our team just made up a mandarin-collar glenplaid suit inspired by Bond villains and certain dictators’ style. (It’s Kim Jong ILL!)

Let’s do it, guys. Ladies, too — don’t forget, we can make for you. Luxury brands are about buying into some designer’s “vision”. Bespoke is all about making YOUR dreams reality. The only boundaries are the breadth of your imagination.

Until next week,