Abraham Ling

Treasure Map Katakuchi Sake Pitcher / Cha Hai

$280 SGD

Look closely you will see black lines, dots, brown and green that resembles our city’s view from above. Hand pinched, mixed raku clay and porcelain. Hand made ceramic will change colour over a long period of usage. Seasoned and tested for leakage, just give it a rinse and it is ready to use.

No Glaze. Salt Wood Fired.
Salt fired is a technique of introducing common table salt at a high temperature to the firing to induce a glaze layer on the artwork.
No two bowls are the same in wood firing even if they are fired at the same time, with the same clay and same glaze.

Ceramic Care:
Hand wash
No soap or very mild soap if needed
Do not put in microwave oven or oven

L 100 X H 90 X W 85 (mm)

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