1997 20YO Single Cask Heavy Rum (Cadenhead)

$630 SGD

Caroni was the state distillery of Trinidad which began production in 1918, and had access to its own sugar refinery that guaranteed its supply of local cane sugar. Equipped with both column stills and double distillation pot stills, until 2002 it produced heavy rums with a distinctive profile described by some as "nail varnish", along with spices, syrup, and barbequed pineapple.

For a long time the distillery remained known only to a handful of connoisseurs, which gave it a mythical status further enhanced by its closure in 2002 in tandem with the collapse of the cane sugar industry in Trinidad. Caroni's dwindling stock is mostly owned today by Velier, La Maison du Whisky, Bristol, and a few other private and independent bottlers.

Caroni's bottled by Velier are the main reason for its rising fame, as these bottles have extensive tropical aging and high ABV, expressing the best that Caroni can offer.

This is one of several single casks released by the independent bottler Cadenhead's featuring a "HTR" (heavy) pot-still rum from 1997 and bottled twenty years later in 2018. Bottled at cask strength.

Size: 70 cl

ABV: 60.6%


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