AP Limited Editions


$16,000 SGD

A Treasure Trove of Sensu

Maki-e Lacquer Art

Size: 160 mm

Nib: Gold: EF/F/M/B

Converter Filler

AP Limited Editions celebrates the charming heritage of folded fans that originated in Japan in the 7th century in a stunning feature crafted in many different techniques of Maki-e Lacquer Art with inlay of Gold, Mother of Pearl and Raden. Folded fans, referred to as Sensu’ in Japanese were originally made in bamboo and paper; decorated with gold leaf and inscribed with poems and patterns and serenaded by royalty in the imperial courts of ancient Japan. The robust tradition of fan craft developed in the charming town of ancient Kyoto, renowned for its rich history of artistry. Folded fans were initially used by Samurai and Aristocrats in Japan and have evolved over time to become an integral symbol of the rich heritage of Japanese culture.

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