Kevin Seah

African Batik Print Short Sleeve Shirt - Black / Multi

$500 SGD

African wax batik refers to a textile dyeing technique and fabric that is commonly found in various African countries. It is a form of resist dyeing, similar to the batik technique found in other cultures, but with distinctive African designs and motifs.

The process of creating African wax batik involves applying wax to the fabric using various methods such as stamping, painting, or block printing. The wax acts as a resist, preventing the dye from penetrating certain areas of the fabric. Once the wax is applied, the fabric is immersed in dye, and the areas not covered by wax absorb the color. This process can be repeated with different colors, creating intricate and vibrant designs.

African wax batik fabrics are known for their bold and vibrant patterns, often characterized by geometric shapes, stylized motifs, and nature-inspired designs. These patterns hold cultural significance and can vary depending on the region or ethnic group they originate from.

  • 100% Cotton. Fabric Origin from Africa. 
  • This shirt is made in Singapore. 
  • Camp Collar. 
  • Genuine Agoya Shell Buttons.
  • This shirt is designed as a relaxed cut. 

Expect irregularities in colour due to the nature of the fabric printing and dyeing process.

This product is made using natural dyes. 

Hand wash in cold water with mild soap, hang dry and press with dry iron. 

Machine wash in gentle cycle with cold water and mild soap, do not put in dryer. 

Hand wash separately for indigo-dyed shirt. 


Shoulder Chest Round Waist Hip  Sleeve Length Shirt Length
1 15.75" 
17" 41" 41" 41" 9" 26"
2 16.25" 18" 43" 43" 43" 9.5" 26.5"
3 17" 19" 45" 45" 45" 10" 27"
4 17.5" 20" 47" 47" 47" 10.5" 28"

 *All measurements are in inches.

This product is available at the KEVIN SEAH atelier and is ready to be shipped in 1-4 days. 

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