Silver Ostrich

Crazy Color Havana

$480 SGD

The CRAZY COLOR COLLECTION is the first collection designed and developed by Silver Ostrich, to be configured according to the customer's taste.

Uniquely designed buckles available in 9 fresh colour designs, made of fine leathers with a shrinkage handworked by our best Italian craftsmen .

The coloured buckles can be combined with 3 different leathers selected by us for a perfect match for each brass buckle.

The brown suede is definitely the most associated choice with our brand, if you are undecided buy the brown suede!

Vintage brown is for all the cowboys of this world, a rough soul with personality and an elegant flavour.

The black calfskin, with elegant stitching on the sides, is the most formal choice of the three leathers, suitable for those who can't do without black in their outfits.

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