Tochigi Yutomasamune


$117 SGD

Yuto-Masamune (雄東正宗) sake used to be written using different Kanji characters (優等正宗). After this sake won accolades in a regional sake fair eight times consecutively, the chief tax office supervisor called our sake (Hero of Kanto area).

At this point we changed the name from (優等正宗) to (雄東正宗). Both names are read as Yuto-Masamune, but the new name (雄東正宗) includes the Kanji characters 雄 (from Hero: 英雄) and 東 (from Kanto: 関東).

A taste oriented sake with a modest aroma. We recommend this medium dry sake for Japanese sake connoisseurs.

ABV 16%

SMV +5

Polishing 50%

Available In 300ml/720ml/1800ml

Full-Bodied Flavorful & Strong Aftertaste

Pairing With Sashimi Sushi Izakaya & Teppanyaki Dishes

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All purchases must be made by persons aged 18 and above. 

All deliveries must be received by persons aged 18 and above.

We reserve the right to request a valid photo ID to verify the recipient’s age.

All alcohol sales are limited to Singapore only. 

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