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Langres farmer is a PDO cheese originating mainly from Haute-Marne, produced from raw cow's milk. With a soft paste and washed rind, it is easily identifiable thanks to its bowl located in its center. As it matures, the rind creases and turns from light yellow to brown.

When ripened, Farm Langres has a smell that becomes penetrating and powerful, but to the taste it is a cheese with a light flavor. Fromagerie Pouillot has selected a farm version of Langres cheese for you, because it is incomparable in terms of taste.

The farmer Langres can decorate a cheese platter in color. For amateurs, you can taste it by pouring port wine into the cheese bowl, the marriage of flavors is truly exquisite. In a more traditional way, the farm version of Langres cheese can be served as an aperitif or at the end of a meal, accompanied by figs or raisins.

Bloomy Rind - Also known as surface ripened cheese. It refers to cheese which are ripened from the outside of it with a delicate creamy texture on the inside, while it being slightly firm in the middle.

Milk : Cow 

Area : Ile De France

Weight : +/-700g

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